imagine germany wearing this


"I will try. It is late, you should get home. Your Grandpa and brother will be worried." Ludwig took a few steps from the tree. "Bella, ciao."


Ludwig stopped but did not turn back. “I’m sorry?”

"Um, it’s ‘bello.’ ‘Bella’ is feminine. And I’m not a girl, Ludwig."

Ludwig turned slowly, looking confused, sad, and almost amused at the same time. Feliciano suddenly felt he had said far more than he’d meant to. “No. You’re not.” Ludwig smiled slightly. “I apologise. Bello, ciao.”

I love this because there’s that momentary panic and realization on both their parts that they’re in love with a man and Ludwig and Feliciano are a little scared but then they just accept it.
George DeValier, Auf Wiedersehen Sweetheart Chapter 4